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Terms & Conditions Of Service

Visitor Privacy

Visitors to this site are assigned cookies to allow them to be tracked for the purposes of determining popular content, and who/how they were originally sent them (affiliates/resellers). No personally identifiable information beyond IP address, web browser, and viewing history is recorded unless a visitor makes a purchase. When a purchase is made additional information necessary for providing access to purchases is maintained, along with information about contact details such as email address. This information may be used to contact customers for sales and support services.

Shrinkwrapped Software

Software downloaded from this site is provided on an as is basis, and it is up to the user to ensure that the software is suited to their requirements before purchasing it

Full and specific licensing terms and conditions are included with each product, and take precedence over the terms stated here. Plesae check the product help for those terms and conditions.

Bespoke Software

The standard terms for bespoke software development are that the client retains the rights to the intellectual property involved in the project, and will receive full copies of the source code at the completion of the project. L-Space Design retains the right to reuse portions of code that do not relate to specific business logic or requirements in future projects. For instance, code to display the contents of a recordset in HTML format is generic, and could be retained for re-use. But code relating to the costing calculations of a delivery service is not generic, and is the property of the client.

Once a project has been completed, it is the responsibility of the client to maintain copies of the source code. If future projects are likely, L-Space Design may retain copies to ease future development, but does not guarantee to do so.

The terms for bespoke software development are open to negotiation at the time a project is entered into.

CAN-SPAM Notice: The operator of this website and/or service will not give, sell, or otherwise transfer addresses maintained by us, or posted to this site, to any other party for the purposes of initiating, or enabling others to initiate, electronic mail messages.

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