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Our Development Philosophy

There are three very important things every customer brings with them when a project starts:

  • What you want
  • What you expect
  • What you need

In an ideal world a customers wants, needs, and expectations would all coincide, and everything would be easy. In practise it depends very much on how well a person understands their business, how much experience they have had with the development process, and how well they can express themselves.

You come to a developer with a perceived need. For instance 'I need a way to keep track of what my customers have bought'. In the back of your mind is an expectation. 'Probably another Access database like the one we use for our suppliers'. But what you might really need is 'A way to offer my customers deals that they are interested in, and improve my ordering to match what I sell'.

Now, if I was to take your perceived need, and solve it in a way that you have not considered, and did so without discussing it with you, you would understandably be resistant to the idea. And you would almost certainly be unhappy with the end result, because it would not have met the need that you have.

The best way to avoid all these problems is with communication. To provide what you want and need in a way that you are happy with, we need to understand how you do business, and what your objectives are. It may not have any noticable effect on the current project, but the longer we work together, the clearer the benefits become. With a clear understanding of your business, we can become proactive, advising you of ways in which we can help make your business stronger.

We aim to foster long-term relationships with our clients, so that we can best advise them, and help them make use of the experience and knowledge that they possess.

If you would like to find out more about the basis of our customer service philosophy, you can find out here.

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