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Mark Joyner's Farewell Package

If you've been working on the Internet for a while, you have almost certainly heard of Mark Joyner. He is/was a leading internet marketer. But one day he decided that he had enough money to go and do what he had planned to do when he started it all. So he bundled up all the source code for his products, added in the ebooks he sold, and piled on a stack of interviews with other leading marketers. Then he produced 2000 copies of the 20 CDs it took to hold all that, and he sold them off. Both the products he sold, and more importantly, the products he used to run his business.

L-Space Design was fortunate enough to acquire one of those copies, and there is some great stuff in it. But our biggest problem was...

All the web based tools were done for PHP, MySQL, and Linux. Not the most useful for a Microsoft development shop with all these Microsoft products like SQL Server, ASP.NET and IIS 5.0 and 6.0 already available. So we had a bit of a think, and we decided that we are going to work our way through those products and convert them to ASP.NET and SQL Server.

As each product is finished, we will be making it available for sale here. But please note, a large part of the value of these products arises from the fact that all the buyers agreed not to distribute the source code for any reason. What does that mean? Well, we can't give you the code to make changes, but we can and will design it is such a way that you can take the products, and wrap them in your own layer, and present them as though they were your very own.

Farewell Package Products Currently Available

How My Book Became an Amazon #1 Best-Seller in 48 Hours

Exactly what it says on the lid. Mark Joyner took his book 'MindControlMarketing.Com' to the top of Amazon's Bestseller list in under 48 hours. Definitely a major achievement. In this ebook, he details exactly how he went about promoting his book.

What did he use? Well, mostly he used tips and trick from his Internet Intelligence Manuscript (see below). But it also required a carefully laid out plan, a keen sense of timing, and experience, all of which he exposes in this ebook.
Find out more about becoming an Amazon #1 Best-Seller

Confidential Internet Intelligence Manuscript

Another of Mark's most popular ebooks. This one details his marketing strategies and techniques for tracking and improving sales.

There is a survey of internet users and business people, and detailed analysis of marketing and psychological studies, along with the implications for making a living on the internet.
Find out more about the Confidential Internet Intelligence Manuscript




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