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Software Catalog

Your Order is 100% Safe, Secure, Risk Free and Fully Guaranteed!

60 Day Money Back GuaranteeWe assure your satisfaction with a 60-Day Money-Back Guarantee!

We are confident that the products and services we provide are so good that we offer a no-risk, no-obligation promise. We want you to be equally as confident!

If you are not 100% happy with your purchase during the first sixty (60) days after payment, you will receive a full refund!
AudioRazor™ - Website Audio in seconds

AudioRazor™ - Website Audio in seconds

  • Improve - Conversion rates
  • Increase - Visitor interest
  • Enhance - Clarity of communication
Purchase License USD$17

Google Site Map for ASP.NET

  • Improve - Your web site ranking
  • Boost - Your number of visitors
  • Create - A Google site map that is always up to date
Purchase License USD$37

Conversion Booster.NET

  • Improve - Your number of sales
  • Boost - Your conversion rates
  • Create - As many tests and variations as you want
  • Use one page - Don't split your seach engine rankings
Purchase License USD$147

eCover Magic Action Scripts - Design and use superb eBook graphics

eCover Magic Action Scripts

  • Create - Your Own Professional 3D eCovers
  • Many Types - Software boxes, Special Reports,
    CD's, eDirectorys, eBooks, eZine & newsletter covers, membership
    cards, event access cards
  • Design - Bright, interesting points to attract visitors
Purchase License USD$67

NameRazor - Product Name Designer

NameRazor - Product Name Designer

  • Quick - Generate thousands of ideas in seconds
  • Easy - Just a little research and a little typing
  • Generate - Product ideas, domains, company names,
    brands, and more
Purchase License USD$17

Bandwidth Buddy V1.3 for ASP.NET

Bandwidth Buddy V1.3 for ASP.NET

  • Reduce bandwidth usage - Help eliminate excess charges
  • Improve download speed - Show visitors information faster
  • Faster secure pages - Greatly improve HTTPS performance
  • Easy to set up - Even on remote hosts. All you need is FTP
Download Help File (Zipped)   Download Module   Purchase License USD$39   Request A Key

Code Viewer and Validator

Visual Basic 6.0 Code Viewer Add-In V1.4

  • Sort functions by name - Make it easy to find what you want
  • Review code flow - Easily follow sections of code logic
  • Organise your code - Arrange your code into custom folders
  • Highlight nesting errors - Makes finding flow errors simple
Download Help File (Zipped)   Download Add-In   Purchase License USD$39   Request A Key

Search Engine Friendly Filter

Search Engine Friendly Filter V2.1

  • Disguise dynamic queries - Show them as directories instead
  • Convert file extensions - Disguise ASP files as HTML files
  • Easy installation - Simple console for administration
  • Choose affected sites - Apply to a server, or selected sites
Download Help File (Zipped)   Download Filter   Purchase License USD$39   Request A Key
Cut Your Bandwidth Use in Half!
Slash download times
Speed up slow SSL pages
Set up in minutes
Lift Your Search Engine Results
Installs in under 5 minutes
Disguise any file type
Hide query strings
Free Trouble Shooting Tool
Just pick your module and press 'Report'
Give it away to your customers
DotNetNuke 2.x Module
Build a DNN file in seconds
Pick up controls, providers, DLLs,
scripts, images and more
DotNetNuke 2.x Module

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