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Bespoke Software Development

We are currently commited to assisting our existing customers, and as such are unable to take on large projects at present. If you read our philosophy you can find out why we prefer to concentrate on our existing clients needs.

However, if you have a project of 5-20 hours that you would like us to look at, please feel free to contact us with information and we will take a look at it without obligation.

Microsoft Certified Solution Developer .NET Early Adopter  Microsoft Certified Professional 
070-316 C# Windows Applications 070-176 Visual Basic 6.0 Desktop Applications
070-315 C# Web Applications 070-069 Microsoft Access 95 Developer
070-316 C# XML Web Services 070-160 Windows Architecture I
070-299 SQL Server 2000 Design
070-300 .NET Solution Architectures

These are some of the types of development that we undertake:

  • Database conversion (MS Access to SQL Server)
  • ASP and ASP.NET development of interactive web sites
  • DotNetNuke development
  • Data display components
  • Business process applications
  • Development tools

Alternatively, we strongly recommend Rent A Coder for software development projects if you need immediate action. Their bidding and escrow system provides excellent security and value for money. Please make sure you have a clear idea of your objectives and reasoning, as it makes it much easier and quicker for the developers to respond to, and fulfil your requests.

Test Your Sales Copy
Add Split Testing to your ASP.NET
web site in less than 1 hour
No third party server involved
Replace AdSense with ClickBank
Enter your ClickBank nickname and go
Viral - Sign up CBClicks users
DotNetNuke 2.x or 3.x Module
Reduce Your Admin Workload
Share administration of pages
Role based delegation
DotNetNuke 1.x and 2.x Module
Increase Your Sales up to 300%
Create your own e-covers
Save on expensive designers
All you need is Photoshop

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