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Alternative Uses For Clickbank

Copyright 2005 By Roger Willcocks

What is ClickBank for?

ClickBank serves two basic purposes. One, it allows people to sell digital products online easily. Two, it allows other people to earn commissions by promoting those products.

In conjunction with those two activities, it has a few other useful attributes. It has a marketplace you can browse to buy items. Another where you can look for items to sell. And it aggregates payments across multiple sources into a single cheque, greatly simplifying life.

Problems with ClickBank

The biggest problem with ClickBank is that while a vendor can sell multiple products from one account, the information provided is for 'one product' per vendor. The sales information is totaled over all products, there is only one sales page to go to, and numerous other related annoyances. Recent changes by ClickBank give hope that this might be changing.

Other Uses For ClickBank

Apart from the obvious uses of selling and commissions, there are some other uses you can put the ClickBank marketplace to.

  • Finding the best products to promote
    Recent changes to ClickBank have given affiliates the ability to find out the amount of commission paid on products as well as the percentage, and the proportion of sales made by affiliates. This can help you find the best products to promote.
  • Identifying popular markets
    By looking at the most popular products in each ClickBank category, you can easily identify popular items. Which you can then promote, or use the information to create products of your own.
  • Creating website content
    If you have a source of ClickBank data, you can use it to create content for your website. This works in the same way as RSS feeds. Some examples include CBMall, or my own ClickBank search engine.
  • Substitutes for Google Adwords
    There are programs (such as CBClicks) which allow you to use ads for ClickBank products as a substitute for Google Adwords.

This article is shareware.  Give this article away for free on your site, or include it as part of any paid package as long as the entire article is left intact including this notice.
Copyright © 2005 L-Space Design.

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