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Review of "Make My Site Sell".

By Kevin Sinclair

This is the first time that I have devoted my editorial spot to the review of a product. The reason that I am doing so is that this is a most unusual product that is currently taking the web by storm.

"Make My Site Sell" is an excellent electronic book by Ken Evoy. When I downloaded my copy, I was surprised to discover that it was over 800 pages of content. I started reading it and immediately I was finding new ideas that I could implement straight away.


Ken Evoy has done everything that he writes about. There is no theory in this book - only practical and workable ideas and solutions to the problems we all face in trying to sell from our site. Ken focuses on what he calls the "big 3" - the right product, a site that sells, and targeted customers.

The first area of his book that I read was on getting targeted customers. I discovered that I wasn't doing all that I could to get my share of traffic from the search engines. I have started to implement some of his ideas and already I have seen a boost in the traffic I receive from these sources of free targeted traffic.

In the other sections of his book, he provides details on the best products to sell via the web and includes a 16 point checklist to evaluate products as to their suitability for web marketing. The making a site that sells section is full of valuable information on ensuring your web site moves the prospect through your site to achieve a sale.

The information you learn in this book better than many of the high priced marketing courses available out on the web. It is extremely good value for money at approximately US$17. Others are charging in excess of US$200 for similar content.

There are a couple of things I don't like about "Make My Site Sell". Firstly, it focuses on the single product site. No details are provided for catalogue sales or multi-product sites. Secondly, I felt that the book could have had smaller type and been condensed onto lesser pages.

Overall, I rate this as the best resource that I have seen for solid and practical information on how to sell more from your site. I recommend it to all webmasters who want to increase their sales and profits from the web.


Ken also offers an affiliate program that is one the best I have seen. He pays you commissions on your customers initial purchase and subsequent purchases for life! But, best of all, is the affiliates manual - FREE to all affiliates. It is the best manual on how to build your affiliate business on the web today. Also, the monthly affiliate report provides the greatest detail of any affiliate program that I have seen.

Ken has stated that he intends to limit the number of affiliates he accepts into his program. He is doing this to ensure that those who have signed up are given the best opportunity to make money from their association with him. Therefore, I would urge you to get involved now as in a couple of months time it may be too late.


This e-book has been getting rave reviews all over the internet. Be sure to visit this site and check out the testimonials it has received.


Perhaps you have heard of Dr. Ralph Wilson. He is a well-respected internet marketing expert. He says of Kens book: "Evoy writes in an intensely practical vein, as a practitioner not a theorist. He has tried everything he explains to the reader...." http://www.wilsonweb.com/reviews/myss.htm

Audri Lanford, the editor and publisher of NETrageous Results, Internet Scambusters, NETrageous Siteings and the Internet Business Advisor says this is the only manual of this kind that she's ever endorsed besides her own.

Matt Hockin, of Multimedia Marketing Group says "I just read your book and found that it is the BEST information of the subject of 'how to make a site sell', that I've ever read. Your book covers everything a person needs to know, from beginning to end, about making a web site sell. Thorough... I highly recommend it".

For more excellent reviews: http://www.sitesell.com/besuccessful.html

Article by Kevin Sinclair, CPA, of Be Successful! Business & Personal Success Resources ( http://www.ksinclair.com/ ). He is the author of 2 free ebooks: "Success Secrets" & "How To Choose A Home Based Business". Kevin is also the publisher of "Be Successful News" - a free ezine dedicated to your online business success - to subscribe, visit http://www.ksinclair.com/pbs_news.htm

This article can be reproduced in your publication or on your web site at no charge. All we ask is that you publish the article in it's entirety, including the author's footnote.

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