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Mailloop 6.0 - Business Automation Software

By Roger Willcocks

Now that I've been using the new Mailloop 6.0 software for a while, I thought I should share some of my impressions about whether it lives up to the promises that Corey Rudl makes about it on his web site.

Is it really be that easy to use?
Can it really simplify your business and save you time?
Can it really help you make more money? Find out!

The first thing that impressed me was how easy the program was to install and set up. Being a programmer, I know what sloppy design can do, so I am always relieved when things work right the first time! And once I started actually using Mailloop, I have to say that I was quite impressed by how simple everything is. (There are even about 10 different wizards to walk you through the more technical areas of getting things set up.)

The feature I was most excited about was the unlimited sequential autoresponders, so I decided to set those up first.

My biggest complaint about most online autoresponder services is that you pay $20 or $30 a month, and you only get to set up ONE autoresponder series. With Mailloop, you could literally have thousands of different autoresponders set up for your business.)

First I needed to import the list of existing subscribers. I was amazed at how easily I could import my existing lists into the program and start working with them immediately.

In fact, I consider the ease of creating and importing new lists one of the best features of Mailloop. It was very easy to export a sub list based on a set of criteria, and then use that as the list for a new mailing.

Speaking of criteria, Mailloop lets you store up to 25 pieces of information about every person on your list in the built-in database, meaning that you can add an amazing levels of personalization and customization to your e-mail promotions.

Anyway, I imported my list, and set up a new newsletter. That was a little bit fiddly like most software, it's made with a certain focus in mind, and it took me about 20 minutes to 'click' with the way it flows.

Then I sent a few test mailings to myself to make sure everything worked. After that I cranked it up and started sending. Which is where I hit the only major snag I could find. Mailloop is written in Java and I was running the Norton Security Suite, which decided that the java virtual machine shouldn't be doing the kinds of things Mailloop does and kept killing it every few seconds.

I've had problems with Norton before, so lets just say that I'm using other software now. And Mailloop is perfectly happy. But that is definitely something to watch out for.

Here's the bottom line: This software does absolutely everything it claims to -- and much more! It takes care of subscribe/unsubscribe requests, it automatically replies to your customers and answers their questions for you, it lets you store TONS of data about everyone on your mailing list, and (best of all) it lets you set up unlimited series of autoresponders!

Price wise, it looks steep, but if you need autoresponder software (and what online business doesn't) it will pay for itself in less than a year compared to a monthly online service. And in terms of time savings over not having one at all? That's just too big to work out.


  • Total control
  • One off cost
  • Easy to use
  • Great support
  • Targeting lists
  • Multiple uses, eg newsletters, sending solo ads, autoresponders for queries
  • Handles subscribes and unsubscribes automatically


  • Using real time subscription management requires it run 24x7
  • Problem with Norton
  • Up front price - $379 to $697

Click here to read a more detailed report on how Mailloop 6.0 works, and how it can help you automate YOUR business!

The author Roger Willcocks is a Microsoft Certified Solutions Developer in .NET, with experience in developing Microsoft product based solutions since 1996. Recent experience includes ASP.NET websites and web services as well as windows services and data collection applications. He is trained in MS SQL Server as well as MS Access and the .NET Framework. Roger is based in Auckland, New Zealand.

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Copyright © 2004 L-Space Design.

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